6 Tips for Trade Show Success on a Small Price Range

We all know that to exhibit at a trade show could come up with huge costs for your company. Even if trade shows have a huge potential to bring in new leads to your company and to entice prospects to interact with you, they are definitely not cheap. You might have to spend quite a hefty amount of money on reserving your place, hiring people, preparing materials, doing marketing, creating discounts and then following with those who engaged with you.

Because of the high costs and extensive preparations, trade shows become a marketing event most companies run away of. However, taking part in one of these events does not mean that you have to break the bank. There are numerous things you can do to attain success without spending a fortune.


To help you out, we have put together a number of steps. These 6 tips can help your business attain trade show success even if you’re on a short budget. Use these strategies to cut on the costs without sacrificing the results.


  1. Use Low-Cost Roll-up Banners, Table Cloths & Backdrop

The first thing you can do in order to enjoy success at any trade show without breaking the bank is to use low cost, yet high-quality trade show display items. For starters, you can begin with a custom-made table cloth that covers your stand and promotes your own brand. You can find some high-quality table cloths here: 


 Thanks to the high-quality dye sublimation printing technique used, the ink becomes immersed in the fabric, so the colors become rich and vibrant. On the site, you can choose your favorite size and receive a high-quality table cloth that you can carry around at other events. Each product is wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, eco-friendly, and is made with an original dye sublimation method.


Next, you can choose an inexpensive roll-up banner. These retractable banners are extremely easy to store and carry around, so setting them up becomes a breeze. Moreover, they offer a strong visual impact and could increase conversion and engagement rates by up to 25%, especially if the message is an impactful one. All the roll-up banners you order from Cus Display come with a premium aluminum stand, so they are extremely reliable and quite versatile while offering a superior display experience


Last but not least, you can purchase a custom media wall-fabric backdrop (link to . These large backdrop walls represent a great way to save money with your stand at any event. They also convert extremely well since they are eye-catchy and can feature multiple images. The aluminum frame offers increased resistance, while the carry bag allows for easy transportation.


  1. Provide your Own WiFi

At trade shows, paying for an internet connection from the organizer can cost you a whopping $1,000+, depending on how large the show is. Conversely, by bringing your own WiFi, you get a two-fold benefit. First, you save a whole lot of money and you gain the peace of mind that you will never run out of the internet. Second, you will be able to use the connection in marketing purposes, allowing prospects to use your network and leave their email and name as login information.


  1. Use Battery Powered Lighting

Another way to cut on your trade show costs is to stay away from using the electricity provided by the trade show. Instead, bring your own universal charging station and gain power for any small device of between 5 and 19 volts. If the trade show happens during the night or outside, bringing your own electricity will help you save hundreds of dollars. By using your own lighting solution, you can completely eliminate the huge electric fees. At $200 per show, these savings can amount fast, especially when you are attending multiple trade shows during the summer months.


  1. Purchase Items Locally

Even if it sounds counterintuitive, you can actually save money by purchasing screens, monitors, and other tech gadgets locally instead of shipping them to the location of the event. Even if you are traveling to the event in the same state, purchasing locally is safer, cheaper and less time-consuming. After the event is over, you can donate those items to a local charity and then give your company a tax write off. If the event happens in the same city, you can still use this tip, especially if the transportation cost is high or you only need to use one monitor.


  1. Plan & Purchase Ahead of Time

As a rule of thumb, the trade show gives exhibitionists access to a wide range of amenities and products, from internet connection to retail furniture, carpets, and lighting. If you choose any of these services, you must pay in time. The costs for these items are much higher when you buy them on-site. Additionally, you’ll pay a lot of penalization fees if you can’t pay in time. Always plan ahead and purchase all the items ahead of time.


  1. Be Prepared

Lastly, you can enjoy trade show success on a small price range if you are well-prepared. Basically, you need to ensure that your team that goes to the show has all the items needed. Extension cords, tape, tape measures, batteries, bottles of water, and even aspirin should be mandatory. Without having one of these items, you will end up wasting precious dollars by buying them five times more expensive at the convention center or a store nearby.


If the event is happening in another city, make sure the team has time to buy these items from the hardware store before going to the event. On the other hand, if all the action is happening in the same town, you should pack up all these supplies and take them with you in large boxes that can easily fit the company's car or van.


With these in mind, you can now save thousands of dollars per trade show. Make sure you choose the right trade show display items and be smart about lighting, WiFi, transportation and extra items.

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