How to Stand Out at an Outdoor Business Event?

There is no doubt that outdoor business events represent a fertile ground for attracting more customers to your business, making meaningful connections, driving up sales and ultimately building buzz around your brand. These are all benefits you will be able to reap, but only if you manage to stand out from the competition. Most of the time, the competition at one of these business events is fierce, so you need to do everything that lies in your own power in order to get noticed.

When attending an outdoor event, the difference between just being present there and owning the event is huge. You need to strive to own it and drive as many people as possible to your stand. To help you do that, we have prepared a number of tips you can use. Let's look at the first and most important one, which is to picture the scene.


Tip 1   Picture the Scene

If you want to get ready to stand out, it becomes crucial to know how you will be able to differentiate from your competitors. You will need to look at the layout of the event and consider the space, the companies that will stay next to you, and also look at your exact location. If your stand will be tucked away in a corner, you will probably need to make some noise and do something totally uncommon in order to stand out. Conversely, if your stand will be right in the middle of it all, you will have to focus on quick engagement methods.


If the event you are attending is located in close proximity from your office, you can even drive to the location and take a closer look at the layout and space. This will enable you to prepare in advance and find the best methods for reaching as many attendees as possible.


Tip 2  Purchase an Inflatable Tent

If you don't have a tent yet, we strongly encourage you to pick your favorite inflatable tent,You can choose your own size of the tent and assemble it within minutes. Thanks to the eye-catching appearance and branding elements, you can easily stand out during business events. Each of the inflatable tents available at Cus Display is lightweight, highly portable, and both fireproof and waterproof.


An inflatable tent goes perfectly with an inflatable arch. These versatile advertising solutions  are perfect for business outdoor events where you have space to showcase your brand. You can choose from various sizes, styles, and personalize the arch with your custom message.


You can also purchase inflatable furniture and columns. Use all of these pieces of outdoor inflatable materials to create a cohesive brand identity and encourage prospects to linger at your stand.


Tip 3  Choose Other Branded Materials

If inflatable tents and arch should be your main priority, you should let your creativity go free and complement these items with others. For instance, you can purchase chairs, umbrellas or sofas personalized with your company’s logo and marketing materials. These items are also quite practical and can help you offer unique benefits to your stand visitors. For instance, the umbrella can provide shade and shelter from the weather elements, while chairs and sofas can allow people to relax and spend meaningful time with their dear ones.


Tip 4  Get into the Minds of your Prospects

In order to stand out from the crowd at a business outdoor event, you want to completely understand how your customers think. Basically, you want to put into their own shoes and try to determine what the first things they will see at your boot actually are. Make your most important message big enough and place it so that everyone can see it. Use fewer fonts and also vary the text message by importance. The Contact Us details should always be at the bottom of the page. Moreover, if you know that your audience is interested in a certain subject, do not hesitate to emphasize that all across your area.


Tip 5  Prepare Well Ahead

Good preparation includes promoting your event on social media, your landing page and email campaigns one or two months before it actually happens. Send people emails and messages and create targeted branding campaigns to spread the message. Do not forget to create a free event on Facebook and to share the news on free groups and pages. Digital marketing and brand awareness campaigns play a key role when it comes to the success of your event.


Tip 6  Offer your Customers Something Unique

Whether organizing games, offering some incentives or creating a contest, you want to keep your booth visitors something that your competitors are not offering. Because this is an outdoor event, you can make use of the extra space around the tent to organize a treasure hunt, running a contest or even creating an archery championship. Depending on the industry you’re in, come up with a smart idea and put it into practice and you will be able to experience a surge in new leads and loyal customers.


Tip 7 Use all the Tools at your Disposal

Last but not least, in order to be noticed at an outdoor business event, you want to use all the tools that lie at your disposal. Each unique promotional item has its own practical benefit. For instance, while banners get your brand noticed, posters are able to draw people in. Use larger banners with a simple, targeted message to allow people to spot you. Next, warm up an entice visitors using perfectly-designed posters of your products or services.


In 2020, stand out from the crowd at all the outdoor business events you are about to participate by capitalizing on these powerful tips.


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