How To Attract Attention at a Trade Show?

Digital entrepreneurs and modern marketers believe that offline marketing is quite dead, However, a growing number of companies are experiencing a surge in conversions from offline events such as corporate meetings or trade shows. As a matter of fact, trade shows represent an exceptional way to attract new customers to your business and promote your brand.


According to the latest statistics in this field , over 70% of attendees of a trade show represent potential customers that are willing to convert. However, they need that extra push that companies can make by attracting attention.


In order to leverage the huge benefits and value that trade shows can offer to your company so that you convert as many people as possible, you want to ensure that your stand outperforms those of your competitors.


Below, we'll share with you several sneaky tips on how to stand out at a trade show and attract more people over to you, plus also convert them on the spot. We'll start with the most important, which involves branding your booth with a custom display and using tents.


  1. Use your Personalized Trade Show Tents

A trade show tent is one of the best ways of getting noticed at a big event. A personalized trade show tent allows you to stand out from the competition and boost your own brand in style. A great tent will make your booth noticeable in the vast sea of stands and will be a beacon for people who want to see what you can offer them.


Purchase a portable tent so you can use it at other events in the future. Find more display banners and items that go well with your tent here: 


  1. Free Giveaways & Games

Most companies are offering free giveaways at trade shows. However, what they fail to realize is that people don't just want to receive things for free. Instead, they want to feel like they have done something to earn the gift. They want to fight for it. What better way to earn something than by taking part in a game?


Running a contest or a game at your stand is the most effective way to engage with your prospects and generate quality leads. The prize doesn't necessarily need to be valuable, so you can offer anything from price reductions for your products, gift vouchers or even product samples. All that matters is that your stand' visitors have fun and interact with each other.


  1. Free WiFi

Another great idea you can employ in order to attract the attention of visitors to your stand is to enable people to enjoy a reliable WiFi Connection. With so many people tweeting, posting on Facebook and checking in on Google Maps, 3G or 4G coverage may be patchy. By offering free WiFi, you will definitely spike the interest of tech-savvy attendees.


To make it more fruitful for your company, you can require users to create their own accounts on your database and only then be allowed to access the WiFi. This way, you will  also be able to capture their data.


  1. Contact Influencers, Bloggers & Clients Before the Event

Another way to draw attention to your stand is to prepare beforehand. First, send emails and create targeted PPC campaigns to let people know about the event. Moreover, set up a Facebook event and promote it to your potential customers who are in the close proximity of the trade show location. During the months before the event, contact the most popular influencers and bloggers in your industry and let them know you are attending the event. They can promote the event to their audience, especially if you are offering them a discount or a free gift.


  1. Provide your Visitors a Place to Relax & Unwind

Trade shows can be really exhausting, especially large ones with hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees. Instead of offering just another stand that people pass by, transform your private corner into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. Set up a couple of sofas and armchairs and label them as a relaxation place that everyone can use at their free will. People who stop by can get free WiFi and receive special offers from your team.


  1. Use Smart Graphics

In order to make your stand noticeable, you should also purchase an overhead display and a few flag banners . You can also use some graphics on the floor and entice people to check you out. However, you can get really creative and bring some objects that can really catch people's attention, such as a custom-wrapped car, bike or even RV. Nevertheless, make sure that what you bring complies with the rules imposed by the event organizers.


  1. Come up with a Totally Crazy Idea

Now, if you really want to draw the attention of the trade show attendees, and if you are facing strong competition, it is time to start using the big-caliber weapons. You can get totally creative and come up with an idea that no one had before you. For instance, you can bring in a couple of penguins from the zoo, or hire a stuntman who can do certain tricks. However, make sure that the idea you have corresponds with the theme of the event.


  1. Provide Special Deals for your Products or Services

Lastly, you can stand out by offering special deals. You can have large banners or signs labeled with 50% off for all our range of products, or buy 2, get 4 of anything. People are always attracted to special prices and items that are on sale, so why not use this proven strategy to attract the attention of passerby visitors?


Use custom trade show display in order to highlight the special deals you have. Moreover, bring with you a personalized catalog specially created for this event and make sure you highlight all the special deals people can benefit from.



Follow the ideas listed above to stand out at the future trade shows and capture the attention of all attendees. Do not forget to buy a personalized trade show tent  and do not be afraid to try new things and get creative.

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